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Air & Vapor Barriers

AIRMAX® 2104 Vapor Permeable Air Barrier

Our new video featuring TK's AIRMAX® 2104 Vapor Permeable fluid applied air barrier. As a fluid applied product, AIRMAX® 2104 sets up faster than the competition and requires no primer or redundant steps.

TK Products' AIRMAX® System offers a full line of complimentary transitional tapes and caulks for convenient and worry-free applications.


CLIMATE TECH™ Weather Resistant System Application

Introducing TK's CLIMATE TECH™ Weather Resistant System.  This exclusive fluid applied system provides a permanent, seamless and uninterrupted barrier against climactic effects and liquid water intrusion - preventing a host of costly interior problems including mold, mildew and water damage.

The CLIMATE TECH™ System offers a superior alternative to traditional house wraps which can puncture, rip or tear leaving the interior exposed to the elements.

Curing & Sealing Compounds

Curing & Sealing Compounds: Spray Application

A quick overview of the proper methods and techniques used to spray apply any of TK's full line of concrete curing and sealing compounds. Includes guidelines for proper spray pattern, choosing the best spray tip, and more.

TK's high performance products are available in a variety of formulations to meet the demands of any customer, project or specification. 

Waterproofing and Dampproofing

TK-HYDRO SEAL® Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit

The Hydro Seal® Crack Repair Kit is used to repair leaking concrete cracks and joints in residential and commercial basements, garages, parking structures, etc. This convenient kit includes all materials, accessories and instructions needed to repair approximately 8-10 feet (linear) of cracks. This video is intended as an informational resource as well as basic instruction for proper and successful use of this kit. For best results, please follow directions included with the Hydro Seal® Crack Repair Kit completely and heed all warnings/precautions.

Water Repellents

TK-290 FINAL SEAL Water Repellent

This video was shot during the first rainfall following the application of TK-290 Final Seal Water Repellent to this driveway. You can clearly see Final Seal in action as the rain that hits the surface immediately forms beads which slide down and off of the surface of the driveway. This beading action leaves the concrete surface intact and unpenetrable from water intrusion and damage.


TK-290 FINAL SEAL Water Repellent Application

Video detailing the step-by-step processes for applying TK-290 Final Seal water repellent to an existing concrete patio.


TK-SILOXANE DYE Pigmented Water Repellent Application

Video detailing the step-by-step processes for applying TK-Siloxane Dye pigmented water repellent to existing concrete.